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Conut – I like it simple and nice
Conut may be simple looking but within it is a nicely hidden treasure to behold. A bubbly, magical blend of Sparkling wine and refreshing coconut water, with a hint of sweet and sourness that will cleanse your palate wonderfully for the perfect dinner to come.
Sparkling wine doesn’t mean we put glitter into it, although some sparkling wine does put in gold flakes to make the wine shimmery (and expensive), for instance XXIV Karat.
The sparkling quality of these wines comes from its carbon dioxide content and may be the result of natural fermentation, either in a bottle (as with the traditional method) or in a large tank designed to withstand the pressures involved (as in the Charmat process), or artificially as a result of simple carbon dioxide injection in some cheaper sparkling wines.
Ladies and gentleman, shall we walk to the kitchen and have a look?
The Ingredients:
4oz. Coconut water
2oz. Lime juice
6oz. Sparkling wine (Sweet or dry)
0.5oz. Apple syrup
1 Apple, cut into wedges
1oz. Apple flavored syrup
See our garnish tips below.
1. Mix coconut water, Sour plum mixer, Pineapple juice, ice, Revive isotonic drink and bled them altogether.
2. Strain into a short glass and garnish with a pineapple wedge.
This preparation can serve about 5-7 glasses
Suggestions :
Coconut water : You can buy ready made from any supermarket. Recommended brand: Cowa
Sour Plum mixer : Use Minute cocktail sour plum blend or mix your own using sour plum cordial (1oz) with water (2oz).