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It is essential to cleanse your palate before savoring any culinary delights you have cooked up, especially if it is something fancy.
Thirst Quenchers with a complex taste, unconventional and exciting. Experience a nice tart in your mouth, Good minty & limey taste with rum flavor to quench your thirst.
Time and again in research, blue is the world’s favourite colour. So your garnish will play the trick of easing the coldness.
A wonderful night can’t be completed without good wine, but not everyone likes wine. Our cocktails has elements of citrus and beer, an unconventional approach to wine drinking.
Night cab drinks are a  complex mixture of pleasure but also set the mood for the way home, having a last blast before bidding farewell.
When a fun night out with friends starts to wind down, linger a little longer by suggesting all our other wonderful cocktails.

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