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Covastar is the star of show, magically mixing rum with hydrating coconut water to create a sensation not to forget by your guests.
This Thirst Quenchers isn’t your average drinks, it gives you a bit of alcohol kick yet doesn’t leave a bad taste on your mouth, leaving you with hints of citrus and mint scent.
The Ingredients:
3oz. Dark Rum
3oz Coconut Water
1oz. Pineapple Juice
1 Table spoon brown Sugar
8 Fresh mint Leafs
1 Orange wedges
Bitter lemon
Muddle, mint leaves , orange wedges, pineapple juice ,brown sugar rum , and top bitter lemon, Ice
Serve in  Highball glass and garnish with mint leafs & orange
Can serve  for 1 person
Suggestions :
Dark Rum: Caribbean Rum or any dark rum
Coconut water : You can buy ready made from any supermarket, Recommended brand: Cowa