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Sour Lick – You’ll never be bored
Do you want to encourage or even awaken the appetites of your guests? Look no further because Sour Lick is your best bet. This drink is easy on the mouth yet it builds up the appetite slowly and steadily. If you prefer to make it a lively challenge to your guests, try daring them to taste a sour plum before the drink! Imagine the sweet, sour & dry taste with a big helping of fun – they’ll never forget this party.
Sour Lick functions as a great companion to any culinary delight by taking away other unwanted tastes in your mouth before savoring the best moments.
Here is a simple yet cool game to play before the real party starts:
The Coin Drop: Let your guests compete and see who can be the king of this game.
First thing first, let’s get the drink ready.
The Ingredients:
3oz. Coconut water
1oz. Sour Plum Mixer
2oz. Revive Isotonic
2oz. Pineapple Juice


1. Mix coconut water, Sour plum mixer, Pineapple juice, ice, Revive isotonic drink and bled them altogether.
2. Strain into a short glass and garnish with a pineapple wedge.
This preparation can serve about 5-7 glasses
Suggestions :
Coconut water : You can buy ready made from any supermarket. Recommended brand: Cowa
Sour Plum mixer : Use Minute cocktail sour plum blend or mix your own using sour plum cordial (1oz) with water (2oz).