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Rummania – Last one, I promise
You can never get enough of a fantastic night out with friends, you want to drink until you drop, but party never last forever.
We all need to say goodbye and get ready for tomorrow, but it doesn’t hurt to have a last drink right?
Then you kept talking and order one after another, because you haven’t find the perfect drink to end the night.
Obviously you don’t want to be drunk, but wanted to be satisfied, here we promise that this would be the one.
Here you have the rum to satisfy your craving for alcohol, yet we have Café Boheme to keep you awake, not to mention some sweetness to keep you satisfy, what more can you ask?
Let’s look at the ingredients shall we?
The Ingredients:
2oz. Dark Rum
2oz. Café Boheme Coffee liqueur
1 oz. simple syrup
5 Maraschino cherries
3 oz. Pineapple Juice
10 oz. Coconut water


Shake the, Dark Rum , Café Boheme, simple syrup & Ice in shaker and top up with coconut water
muddle the cherries in the highball glass with pine apple juice.
This preparation can serve about 1 glass.
Suggestions :
Coconut water : Buy ready made from any supermarket recommended brand: Cowa
Dark Rum: Bacardi 8 Anos or El Dorado 12 Year Aged Caribbean rum, or your dark rum of choice.