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Maipo is designed to be a Thirst Quenchers with a complex taste, unconventional and exciting. Experience a nice tart in your mouth, Good minty & limey taste with rum flavor to quench your thirst or to recharge after a drinks.
Mint, also know as Mentha. Mint leaves makes your cocktail “cool”, as a matter of fact, in addition to its distinct taste, mint offers intense fragrance from the oils in its leaves, and imparts a cooling sensation directly on the nerves, which contributes to its refreshing properties.
Here is some Mint fun facts: Peppermint is one of the oldest and best tasting home remedies for indigestion.
The Romans believed eating mint would increase intelligence. The scent of mint was also supposed to stop a person from losing his temper, and royal ambassadors carried mint sprigs in their pockets.
The making of this wonderful thirst quencher involves more ingredients than usual to create a complex and interesting drink, let’s start:
The Ingredients:
3oz. Bacardi Rum
1.5oz. Citrus Mixer
1oz. Lime Juice
1oz. Caribbean Dark Rum
1spoon Brown sugar
8 Fresh mint Leafs
¼ Cup pomegranate seeds
Soda water


Muddle, mint leaves , pomegranate seeds ,lime juice, Citrus Mixer ,Brown sugar  Dark rum , Bacardi and top soda water, Ice Serve in  Highball glass and garnish with mint leafs
Can serve  for 1 person
Suggestions :
Dark Rum: Caribbean Rum or any dark rum will do.
Citrus mixer :  Can buy Minute cocktail lime blend or Mix your own using 5 type lime extract or juice
Pomegranate Seed :If you cant get the seeds you can also use ready made juice which available in supermarket