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Mafia Blend
“The Mafia” has become the primary pop culture expression of the Italian American identity, largely related to the influence 1972 Oscar-winning smash hit film “The Godfather”. They are modern-day versions Wild West outlaw heroes, such as Jesse and Frank James or Billy the Kid, but gangsters were only a tiny percentage of the huge migration of Italians, primarily from the south of Italy.


The Mafia blend gives you a coffee oriented liquor bend that is strong yet easy to drink, while you sit back and relax to blend into the mood and music at a pub or your very own sofa.

Let’s go into the making.
The Ingredients:
4 oz Kahlua
3 oz Black Coffee
3 oz Full Cream milk
3 oz Gradient Syrup
Preparations :
Garnish with 1 Cinnamon Stick