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Tropicoi – Koi in the pond
Tropicoi displays a serene visual of koi swimming in the pond, this amazing drink blend in the taste of sweet pineapple and refreshing coconut with the vivid taste of red ginger.
The pale colored drink gives good contrast to all the garnish, forming a calm and peaceful appearance.
Let’s look at the ingredients shall we?
The Ingredients:
2oz. Vodka
2oz. Pineapple Syrup
2oz. Coconut water
5 Slice of red gingers
Soda water


Shake the coconut water, pineapple syrup, 3 red ginger slides & Ice in shaker.
Serve in martini glass and garnish with 2 slices of red gingers.
This preparation can serve about 1 glass.
Suggestions :
Vodka: 42 below vodka recommended, but you can use other Vodka.
Coconut water: You can buy packed coconut water from any supermarket, Recommended band: Cowa.