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Test Pilot – Linger a Little Longer
When a fun night out with friends starts to wind down, linger a little longer by suggesting a night cap. A night cap is a great way to reflect on your evening and relax before going to bed. The Test Pilot is a rich and spice-filled sipper with a dash of bitters that encourages you to take your time. Let your taste buds fly away to the Caribbean with two different types of rum – sweet white rum and strong, caramelly dark rum come together to create a flavour that is both rich and sweet. Now we add in a touch of citrus, anise, and bitters and your taste buds will really be flying high with this lingering flavour. This will be something to talk about at the end of your night.
Let’s take a look at what we’re flying with:
Let’s look at the ingredients shall we?
The Ingredients:
2oz. Caribbean Rum
1oz. Bacardi
2oz Solerano Orange Liqueur
1oz. Pernod
Dash of Angostura Bitter
Soda water


Mix the dark rum, Bacardi, Cointreau, Pernod, bitters, & ice in a cocktail shaker and shake.
Strain into a short highball glass and top up with soda. (tip: if you want it extra cold, don’t strain out the ice)
Garnish with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.
This preparation can serve about 1 glass.
Suggestions :
Dark Rum: Bacardi 8 Anos or El Dorado 12 Year Aged Caribbean rum, or your dark rum of choice.
Orange Liqueur: Cointreau or Solerno (available online here).
Pernod : Can buy some other anise seeds liqueur.