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Cocomag – Blue is the new Black
Cocomag is a cool and trendy drink that will calm your senses.
This time we play with color. Blue is the color of the mind and is essentially soothing; it affects us mentally, rather than the physical reaction we have to red. Strong blues will stimulate clear thought and lighter, soft blues will calm the mind and aid concentration. Consequently it is serene and mentally calming. It is the color of clear communication.
Time and again in research, blue is the world’s favourite colour. However, it can be perceived as cold, unemotional and unfriendly, so your garnish will play the trick of easing the coldness.
Let’s look at the ingredients shall we?
The Ingredients:
1oz. Lite Coconut Milk
3oz. Tequila
2oz. Pineapple Juice
2oz. Coconut water
1oz Blue syrup


Shake the, tequila ,Coconut milk, pineapple juice, blue syrup & Ice in shaker
Serve in tulip glass and garnish with Lemon wedges cherries
This preparation can serve about 1 glass.
Suggestions :
Blue Syrup: You can also use blue curacao
Coconut water: You can buy packed coconut water from any supermarket, Recommended band: Cowa.