How Pre-dinner Drink Can Save Your Party

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How Pre-dinner Drink Can Save Your Party
It is essential to cleanse your palate before savoring any culinary delights you have cooked up, especially if it is something fancy.
In order fully and properly enjoy the dishes specially prepared by you or a chef, palate cleansing is necessary to condition your palate. This ensures that the good food can be fully appreciated and doesn’t go to waste.
Apéritif and Pre-dinner drinks
An apéritif is an alcoholic beverage usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite, and is therefore usually dry rather than sweet.
Apéritif is a French word derived from the Latin verb aperire, which means “to open.”
The apéritif was introduced in France in 1846, and became very popular in Europe in the late 19th century.
Hype-up the occasion with Pre-dinner drinks
There is no single alcoholic drink that is always served as an apéritif. Fortified wine, liqueur, and dry champagne are probably the most common choices.
This may not jive with the Asian preference, as well as that of some other regions in the world, in which having alcoholic drinks before food is not a good idea. Therefore a series of modernized alcohol-free Pre-dinner drinks could be the best solution for all.